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The Kids That Rock Guitar Workshop is designed to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and incorporates many musical elements within the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1,2 and 3.

In addition to Schools, the workshop is suitable for: Home Education Groups, Scout Groups, Festivals, Community Events and Private Parties.
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Step by step, we can learn to play along to modern pop and classic rock music that children can relate to.  Every pupil will play a part, regardless of ability, resulting in the whole class playing together as a band. Get the school camera ready!

The videos below show what can be achieved, in just one taster session!

Year 3/4 From Ranby C of E, (Notts), performing the Batman Theme to the school.

Below is a photo montage, with PLACE guitarists providing the background track….

Pupils from Pikemere Primary School…

Pupils from Excalibur Primary School…

  • One session will result in the whole class performing together
    (follow on sessions can progress pupils skills further) 
  • Many options to suit your school (1 hour per class taster sessions or choose a topic for the whole day)
  • Based in the Midlands, but will travel to most of the UK.
  • Performance assembly option for whole school and parents (mostly suitable for years 4-6)
  • Pupils can explore different genres of music, including: Classical, Blues, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Classic Rock and Pop.
  • Learn about musical terms such as: tempo, structure, pitch, duration, texture and musical notations and even opportunities for composition.
  • The Kids That Rock Guitar Workshop can be the gateway to pupils acquiring a guitar and progressing further by their own efforts.

For more information or a friendly chat about the workshop please call, text or Email Matt on

Mobile: 07737 007 692  

Email: matt.tidswell@live.co.uk